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Print & Punch Technique

Problem aligning your prints? No problem. Heres a simple workaround.

CLP can be a lot to got your head around. When you finally have a template you're happy with, or have purchased one of our printable CLP PDF's, there's nothing more frustrating than printing, only to find that your labels don't align with the sticker paper you purchased.

Here is an efficient workaround for those who have a printer, but suffer with alignment issues when printing. 


You'll need a few things to get you going:

A4 sticker paper (1 big A4 sticker sheet rather than multiple labels on a page)

A printer (I personally recommend the Epson Eco Tank range)

Your design ready to print

And finally, the cheat part, a 2" hole punch. Genius!

Print your design onto your A4 sticker paper, then use your hole punch to cut out your labels. It's that simple. You'll need your designs to fit your desired punch, for example a great size punch is 2 inches, so your clp design could need to be a 2" circle. this design can be repeated on your page.



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