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Why Candle Safety Pictograms are not generic.

Generic? Not quite, here's why

Candle safety Pictograms (not to be confused with hazard pictograms) are not generic. The pictograms are symbols that alert people to the potential dangers of a product. They're typically used on packaging and labels to help consumers understand what kind of precautions they should take when using the product, or if they should avoid it altogether.

As candles come in many different forms, their potential dangers differ. That's why when choosing pictograms, they should represent the product they're being placed on. 

For example, the floating candle pictogram on a glass jar container candle is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. 

So which do I need for my candle? 

Let's start with the pictograms that are mandatory across all candle products. 


 General Warning Pictogram. (not required on a combined safety CLP where the H317 (!) pictogram is present)
Never leave a burning candle unattended
Keep away from things that can catch fire.
Keep away from children and pets.


These pictograms (with an exception of the yellow warning triangle) should always appear on your candles)

Extra mandatory pictograms depending on candle type

Use a heat resistant candleholder.

Mandatory pictogram for PILLAR CANDLES

Use in a suitable bowl filled with water.

Mandatory pictogram for FLOATING CANDLES


OPTIONAL Pictograms

These pictograms are not mandatory but require a bit of thought as to which would be appropriate for your product. 

For example, if I was making a pillar candle, I might want to alert the user to trim the edges of the candle to prevent the walls from falling in.

Or, if I was making a votive, or candle that completely liquifies I'd use the pictogram to alert them of this.

Trim wick to x cm.
(x represents the maximum length of the wick)
 Keep candles at least x cm apart. (x represents the distance between candles)
Keep wax pool clear of matches and debris. Place candle upright.
Do not burn in a draught. Trim edge if higher than x cm.
(x represents the max height of the edge)
Never use liquid to extinguish. Do not move a burning candle.
Snuff out the flame. Do not blow it out. Do not place near a heat source.
Do not touch, may be hot. Do not burn in a warming unit.
Remove packaging before use. This candle liquefies, use a suitable container. 
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