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100% CLP for Snow Wax and fragrance oil


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Type: CLP Labels

CLP labels containing data at 100% use. Suitable for snow wax melts and candles, and retail bottles of fragrance oil. (fragrance oils intended to be sold to the general public and not resold for professional use)

This listing is for Fragrance Oil Studio oils only

All fragrance titles will be printed in UPPERCASE BOLD format.

All stickers are custom printed, please ensure correct information is included as mistakes cannot be rectified once your order has been placed. It is your responsibility to provide us with your business details in line with Guidance on labelling and packaging in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008

For smaller labels, non mandatory precautionary statements may be omitted. 

How to order

  1. Select your label material
  2. Select your label size
  3. Select your fragrance manufacturer and their fragrance name
  4. Enter your Fragrance name (if different from the supplier name)
  5. Add any required extra info such as batch number, weight, UFI number
  6. Enter your business details. (must include building number, postcode and phone number)

Please fill in all details accurately. The spelling you use will be printed on your CLP labels.

Please note 

  • We gather all information required to complete your order from the oil suppliers, you do not need to send us anything. If there are any problems with your order we will be in touch.
  • We have no affiliation with and are not selling on behalf of any fragrance supplier. The respective trademarks and intellectual property remain theirs.
  • We accept no responsibility for inaccurate information in supplier CLP labels for wax melts documentation or labels printed. Suppliers often update their documents, we check for updates as regularly as possible but in event of us missing an update, we advise you check your labels against that of the supplier. It is ultimately your responsibility to check that your labels are correct.
  • IFRA limitations still apply
  • Please ensure the correct information is included, the spelling provided will be used.