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CLP With Logo (multi Choice)


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Type: CLP Labels

CLP labels including logo (10% in non hazardous base)
The bottom half of the label will have a white background that's reserved for the CLP details. 

Labels Sizes

  • 44mm x 118mm, 10 labels printing on glossy paper. The space at the top for your artwork is approximately 44mm(W) x 59mm(H)
  • 65mm x 85mm, 10 glossy labels. The space at the top for your artwork is approximately  65mm(W) x 61mm(H). These labels fit some of the larger 6 cube clams, but so not fit the smaller ones. Always measure. For smaller clams, 48mm x 70mm are a great fit.
  • 48mm x 70mm, 18 glossy labels. The space at the top for your artwork is approximately 48mm x 27mm. 

    What label size do I need for my wax melts?

    Labels for 6 cube style clamshell differ in in size, we found the 65mm x 85mm label to be a great fit on our own, however some clams are too small for them (always measure prior to purchase)

    Alternative size labels for your 6 cube clams:
    • 51mm round or square
    • 64mm x 34mm horizontal (this would fit the width of our clam, and a tad over one third of the height) Great for a clam where youd prefer to keep the wax design visible. (again, always measure first)
    • 70mm x 48mm Vertical (a smaller regtangle sticker that would leave approximately 1cm either side of the labels on our clam size, and a 1.5mm gap at the bottom (or 0.75cm top and bottom)
    Snapbar Style Clams vary from seller to seller, the best fit we found was the 44mm x 118mm sticker size
    Alternative size labels for your snap bar clams:
    • 37mm round
    • 40mm Square
    • 64mm x 34mm vertical (this would cover a tad over half of your clams height, and  around 78% of your clams width
    Flip lid 1oz Shot Pots (differ in size from seller to seller)
    We used a 45mm round label on the top, and a 37mm round label on the base. The flip lid pots are shorter and wider than the pop off lid pots. The pop off lidded style require a different size.All stickers are custom printed, please ensure correct information is included as mistakes cannot be rectified once your order has been placed. It is your responsibility to provide us with your business details in line with Guidance on labeling and packaging in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008

For smaller labels, non mandatory precautionary statements may be omitted. 

How to order

  1. Select your fragrance supplier & fragrance name
  2. Enter your Fragrance name (if different from the supplier name)
  3. Enter product weight, and batch number (if required)
  4. Upload you artwork/logo

Please fill in all details accurately. The spelling you use will be printed on your CLP labels for wax melts.

Please make sure the clp is available from your supplier prior to ordering. If any are missing when your order is processed, we will refund them without prior notice and the rest of your order will be shipped.

Please note

  • We gather all information required to complete your order from the oil suppliers, you do not need to send us anything. If there are any problems with your order we will be in touch.
  • We have no affiliation with and are not selling on behalf of any fragrance supplier. The respective trademarks and intellectual property remain theirs.
  • We accept no responsibility for inaccurate information in supplier CLP labels for wax melts documentation or labels printed. Suppliers often update their documents, we check for updates as regularly as possible but in event of us missing an update, we advise you check your labels against that of the supplier. It is ultimately your responsibility to check that your labels are correct.
  • Please ensure the correct information is included, the spelling provided will be used.