Dispatch time upto 7 working days

Custom Size/Shape Matt Sticker Sheets


An A4 sheet of matt stickers to your own specific size. Please note, I cannot tell you how many stickers you'll receive per sheet prior to your order. We will do our best to fit as many stickers on as possible. 

Printed on a laser printer (laser printers do not give the best print quality so please bare this in mind, order 1 sheet if unsure)

Please note, these are custom cut so will not be perfect.

The size we work at to tile your image on is:
174mm x 250mm. We will tile as many as possible per sheet. (Eg a 100mm x 100mm sticker would only fit 2 per sheet, but a 45mm x 45mm would fit around 15 stickers)

Upload your artwork and enter your sticker dimensions and we will print and cut a full sheet of labels (however many we can squeeze on there)